Mycotoxin Challenge for Pig Farmers

"The presence of mycotoxins in the feed is one of the major factors affecting swine health and production"

Mycotoxins are metabolic toxins produced by toxigenic fungi. The three main mycotoxin producing fungi are Aspergillus spp., Fusarium spp. and Claviceps spp. The mycotoxins they produce are pathogenic for the pig and mycotoxins are dangerous for sow production.

Mycotoxins occur because of pollination, drought, humid growth conditions on the field and unsuitable storage conditions. Therefore, farmers need to start from the source to the mycotoxin challenge, with harvest the raw material on the right time, storing with right conditions. The mycotoxin problems treated as a whole and have to interfere at every point where the risk of mycotoxins exists. You can follow the steps below;

•      Inhibit biosynthesis of multiple mycotoxins in feed and animal body

•      Bind and inactivate mycotoxins in animal body

•      Support animal's immune system

•      Help animal's body to detoxify mycotoxins