Supports Immune System and Hepatic Functions

One of the main adverse effects of mycotoxins is immune suppression. The immunosuppressive effects of mycotoxicosis are often difficult to recognize because the signs of disease associated with the infection are more apparent than the toxin that predisposed the infection.

Mycotoxins have significantly effect on hepatic functions and most of them are hepatotoxic. Causing fatty livers, hepatocyte degeneration, necrosis and some incapacity effect of liver. If fungal growth and toxin production is unobstructed, mycotoxin received by animal, reaches the liver and detoxified.

It supports liver and detoxification processes. And also the trials shows that the administration of phytogenic ingredients which combined in Phora’s formula significantly increased red blood cells in antibody titer and decreased the histamine release from triggering of a humoral immune response and also effective in the percentage of leukocyte migration inhibition. (Mediratta et al.., 2002)  Oral administration of these phytogenic ingredients also reported to enhance natural killer cell activity and anti-body-dependent cellular cytotoxicity. (Suresh and Vasudevan, 1994)


Further, Phora’s contains yeast metabolite i.e. Mannan-oligosachharide (MOS) which is immunomodulator.  Some of the phytogenics are also potential antioxidants as well as liver stimulants which gives a second line of defense against mycotoxin problem. The antioxidant effect comes from the tannin in thephytogens. These two actions enable body to repair the damage caused by the mycotoxins and restores its maximum function.

Effects of the oxidative stress are for example DNA damage, lipid peroxidation, inflammation or cell death. The practical consequences can be a reduced overall health status, increased incidence and severity of inflammations or skin disorders. To avoid or reduce such effects, it is crucial to support the detoxification process and to protect the animal from mycotoxin induced oxidative stress.


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